Petposh Veterinary Clinic

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions, highlighted with a green marker.

  • Pups/Dogs/Birds/Cats/Other pets or any livestock sold are not returnable or exchangeable in any condition.
  • No Refund, No return, No exchange of pups or live pets.
  • You should fully satisfy yourself before making any deal.
  • No Responsibility will be taken by Petposh Veterinary Clinic for any Dead loss immediately after Deal.
  • All dogs and pups are vaccinated, it is for your information that preventive vaccination does not provide full protection against all the viruses that can cause disease, therefore pet dog or pup may become ill even if is vaccinated.
  • The Pup is of buyers’ personal interest and choice.
  • By making an order from our website, it means you have checked personally & satisfied on all the terms and conditions of the Petposh Veterinary Clinic, then you fully agree with all the above points.

Thank you for your understanding.
Petposh Veterinary Clinic.